Why You Need an Email List

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Why Your Business Absolutely Needs an Email List

The packed sphere of online business is a fiercely competitive one; fledgling start-ups and mammoth franchises alike jostle to gain a sure footing within the realm of e-Commerce. With more than 3.2 billion individuals currently inhabiting the digital space, online businesses aim to market their products and services towards an ever-expanding population of potential consumers.

As a result, online marketing companies have firmly established themselves, catering towards a very specific clientele: businesses with clear-cut marketing objectives, and sales plans which leave ample room for advertising campaigns. Whether to design and release personal branding, or otherwise develop a distinctive layout for a main website – there are entire companies devoted towards the task of effectively handling marketing campaigns.

Although social-media marketing might exist as the most pervasive form of advertising as of late, there can still be no denying the appeal and advantages of email-marketing. Indeed, according to a Radicati Group study from February of 2016, there are approximately 2.6 billion email users globally.

This allows for the scope and reach of email-list brokerage to peak newfound heights. Permission-based email marketing covers exclusive promotions, daily deals announcements, limited-edition discounts, and loyalty services. Moreover, such marketing equips in returning customers towards an abandoned shopping cart, or encouraging them to purchase products once again.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top reasons why your business might absolutely require an email-list broker to take care of the advertising facet of the company’s sales plan.


  1. Email-list marketing exists as a relatively cheaper option for most businesses; where generating daily content might set you back a few hundred dollars on a weekly basis, and reserving spaces in catalogs or on billboards might exceed quite above the limit of an average company’s budget, email-list marketing stays well within the bounds of smart and practical marketing. This method of online marketing is inexpensive, allows for a greater margin of profits, and is quick to execute.


  1. Email-list marketing proffers entirely new avenues of interaction between the consumer and the company. In an age where close-knit communities and online reviews dictate a significant number of online sales, prompt and efficient communication between a brand and its target audience can provide near-limitless benefits when securing customer loyalty.


  1. Allocating precious time towards both generating and maintaining content on a website can often go amiss if sufficient traffic is not directed towards the main hub of operations. An email-list can serve as a newsletter of sorts, attracting customers towards a website where content is regularly updated. If potential consumers enjoy the quality and frequency of such content, they begin to positively associate a company’s branding with such.


  1. Email-list marketing allows companies to expand, connect, and develop with varying business-related networks on a massive scale. Since email-list brokerage bridges interaction between several businesses as well, this niche of advertising introduces entirely new prospects of business, partnership, and expansion. Additionally, companies can hope to generate a passive source of income via referrals and endorsements for other brands through their email-list marketing efforts.


  1. Email-list advertising campaigns offer unprecedented reach and access towards target audiences; emails tend to sit within an inbox until purposefully deleted, unlike the innumerable advertisements users scroll past while browsing through social media. Around 78% of emails are delivered to a client, which means that 78 in every 100 potential consumers might come into crucial contact with a company’s branding.

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