Why is Email Marketing Important?

why is email marketing important

Why is Email Marketing Important to your Business?

In today’s day the internet and marketing has become one of the most basic necessities of business. People can network and connect with each other in a matter of seconds. Instead of following traditional methods email marketing is one of the most effective ways used by almost all of the leading companies today. It provides the highest ROI out of all digital forms of advertising and is extremely effective if done right.




Statistics indicate that more than 34% people of the world use email. Yes, it is a big number and the best way to reach your target market is through email outreach.



There are numerous reasons you should engage your audience and reach out via email marketing. Let me explain why email marketing is important to your business growth and why you should be doing it.



One of the main benefits of email marketing is that it is cost effective. Cost is a basic concern of any company when dealing with selecting the marketing avenue you will take. Other methods of marketing traditionally involve a large budget. For example if you choose a direct mail campaign you have to spend a large amount of money on printing, stuffing envelopes, and delivery but with email marketing the startup costs are much less. Not only are they less, but with the right targeted data you can reach the right clients more effectively than blanketing a neighborhood with mail from the post office.

It is easy and inexpensive. You can reach a lot of customers easily in less time. Plus, you have the ability to provide the customer more information than just the promotional mail. They can get to the details of your business by clicking only one link.



Email marketing allows you to connect to your customer on daily basis hence improving the communication level. If done correctly this will also help in building a relationship with a customer.  This trust and communication is considered to be the most important part in regards to business. Customers also prefer a person or company who can provide them with extra services and who listens to them.



You can check the progress and effectiveness of your email marketing easily because it provides you with tracking and measurable results like open rates, deliverability numbers, click through rates, and subscriber retention and engagement. This also helps you as  the business owner to understand the behavior and preferences of the customers.



With the rapid advancement of technology such as mobile phones people usually check their mail box on a daily basis. With the email marketing they will get the message almost instantly. The call to action is only one click away. There are higher chances that they will consider your service or reply back if you can reach them quickly.



All customers are not same because their requirements vary. Email marketing allows you to interact with the customers according to their needs and preferences. You can customize your emails and send only those targeted to a segmented portion of your list or users.  This is something impossible to do with other marketing methods. You have to send the same content to everyone. With email marketing you can deploy different content according to the individuals specific likes. It even allows you to personalize and insert fields such as first name or city.


So if you are to start your business and looking for a suitable marketing medium, try email marketing. Prepare a list of your customers and connect with them in a matter of seconds. Make your email look convincing and you should get good results.



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