You Want a FREE Email Address List?

FREE Email Address List

You Want a FREE Email Address List?

If you are about to begin a direct mail marketing program, there are different tools you will require to increase the potential responses. Many people wonder where they can secure a FREE email address list. Unfortunately this is not always the best option. Where getting the right email list is important, sending the right material is also something on which the results matter a lot. The effectiveness of a direct mailer relies mostly on the content sent or shared to the potential customers. Direct marketing is growing as one of the most popular types of marketing because of the number of people it engages.

There are thousands of different lists in the market these days. Besides consumer lists, there are business lists also which a new business can target. Choosing the right email list brokers is important for the successful completion of the direct marketing campaign. There are tons of list brokers currently operating in the market today so you need to make sure that the one you are choosing has the correct information which is updated and accurate. Here we will discuss three qualities of them that you should seek before choosing one for your marketing campaign.


There is no shortcut to experience. There are millions of free email address lists available and most of them are not useful because of the outdated information. Experienced mailing list brokers know which lists are tested for successful results. They also know which mailing lists are new in the market which can be targeted for the favorable outcomes.


Email list brokers providing different lists like business leads list or free email address lists should have a good repute in the market. Reputation means more than what you expect. IF the broker has a good reputation, it is obvious that he would have the lists having correct and up to date information. Find out about a company’s reputation by asking about their industry memberships and contact those organizations. A brokerage without any industry affiliations is not a good sign. You should save your time and money and find out a list broker that has a nice goodwill in the market so you can get your desired outcomes.


What is the point of getting in touch with email list brokers if the services offered by them are not tailored to your requirements? The best list brokers will offer you services which are personalized for your requirements and give you the list of your potential target customers. They also offer some extra services like little research and creative designs for your content. You should get in touch with one which you think gives value to your campaign and offer services that are suitable for your marketing campaign.

The above are the three traits you should look for in an email list broker. You should remember that you are not doing this for fun but to increase your customer base so get the one with the best email business database.

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Where can I find a CEO email list?

CEO email list

Where can I find a CEO email list?

Clients are always asking where they can find a good CEO email list. Executives and decision makers are much sought after when prospecting. Without the contact info for these C-level execs you end up trying to get past the gatekeeper or someone lower on the totem pole who, unless you are very adept at social engineering, ends up blocking access to these individuals. Your message never gets delivered. Sales stagnate and you know how the rest goes. Continue reading “Where can I find a CEO email list?”

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Tower data service

tower data

Find out how our tower data service can skyrocket your sales leads


Here at Lead Source we have what we refer to as the tower data service, so called because of the tiered approach to driving traffic and sales leads. With this service we setup a multiple tiered service for clients and help grow their business to the next level.

The base of the service consists of a massive SEO campaign. Since we are a data and lead company we have teamed up with one of the hottest SEO firms. They undertake this task for us and are experts in their field.  The firm performs a full site audit, implement tools and begin identifying keywords which will bring organic traffic and leads to your business. A serious link building campaign is executed and social media is harnessed for social signals further boosting the effectiveness.

The second tier of our tower data service is helping the client identify their target audience. We then either select one of our existing lists or generate a new one via social media. Once the list is ready, we send out a responsible email campaign to drive traffic and sales to the website.

The top tier of our tower data service is traffic. We use domain redirects and direct traffic from known sources to push visitors to your website. Traffic helps with the SEO campaign and ranking of keywords. Google wants to see a website with traffic in order to give it the green light in regards to SEO.

When you are ready to take your marketing to the next level and close more leads than you ever have reach out and contact us. We can help you achieve your goals and reach the next level in your business.


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