Purchasing the Right Mailing List

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Steps to Purchase the Right Mailing Lists

Are you a small business owner or you have a start-up, and you are wondering how you can get your business to a wider audience? Mailing lists are one of many ways to do that. But first, what is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a unique way of using an email which allows for widespread dissemination of information to several internet users. They are a very effective way to communicate with existing customers and also potential ones.

Mailing lists are one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to grow your business. Strengthening, building and maintaining a subscriber list for your business is a wonderful way to build excellent relationships with both customers and prospects, plus it helps maintain and build your company or professional image, all of which serves to make your business profitable over the long term.

Mailing lists are used by advertisers than any other medium to market products. More money are spent on it than any other form of advertising. Recent reports show that sales figures for direct mail are continuing to increase at a steady rate in both the business-to-business and consumer markets.

A subscriber and prospects list usually consist of at least names and email addresses and may also contain a range of demographic information.

Choosing the right mailing list would most likely yield exponentially better results that a random list or a poorly targeted list. The following are steps you can take in getting the mailing that best fits.

  • Choose to buy a list or compile a list yourself
  • Identify your ideal prospects
  • Identify the right list type

Types of Mailing Lists

Response lists:

They consist of information such as names and addresses of individuals of who have responded to an offer in some way (by mail, telephone etc.). These can be customers who have expressed an interest in specific products or services. Response lists are the most profitable type to have and these lists are generally more expensive than those lists put together by other means. This is because it is less difficult to generate sales from people who have already made a purchase from your company. The business owner’s best response list is the “house list” of past and current customers.

Compiled Lists

Compiled lists are not as valuable as response lists and are generally considered cold prospects because the names and content information have been gathered from various sources such as public records, survey companies and telemarketing firms. A compiled list which contains contacts who have never heard of you, your company or your products before is referred to as a cold list. Since your business and products are oblivious to them, they are more difficult to generate sales from.


Newsletters are used to help customers and prospects get to know your products and company much better. Newsletters concentrate on sending relevant and useful information to subscribers. By sending free and relevant information to subscribers, you build loyalty and trust with your readers and more often than not turn into more sales for your company.


Announcement lists are the most used type of mailing lists. Announcement lists try to make more sales by sending out new product announcements, holiday specials, coupons and other incentives or discounts.



Benefits of Mailing Lists


Regular mailings to your customers and prospects can also boost your company’s reputation over time. This can only happen if your mailings send out useful tips, information and details associated to your topic or product industry. Providing mailing list subscribers with helpful details can create a positive image in their minds that will boost more sales and revenue over the long term.

Direct Access to Potential Customers

When customers subscribe to your list, it means they are showing an interest in your business. They are inviting you into their inbox because they like your product and want to follow along and receive content directly and also be updated from time to time. People who are very interested in your products. Every subscriber is likely a potential customer. Recent studies show that 91% of consumers check their email at least once a day, making it one of the most used. Email marketing gives direct access to your potential customers through their inbox.


By keeping a subscriber list and regularly sending mailings, you can easily increase the number of times a person purchases products and services from you. As long as consumers are delighted with the products and services that they get from you, all you have to do is continue to stay relevant in their minds and they will happily buy from you from time to time. Sending them mail at intervals is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to keep your customers returning.


By continuous communication through a compiled list, your business is able to foster new relationships with both prospects and customers. These relationships can strengthen over time. Building strong relationships allows you to create trust, loyalty and authority in your industry, making your company name the first to come to mind when someone is asked for tips or recommendation about where to purchase a specific products.


Cost Of An Email List

Mailing lists vary in quality and price generally, just like most items, the quality of the list determines the price. Building or buying a subscriber list is very important for any business. Small business owners can also buy compiled lists as it is one of the cheapest and most effective marketing methods. The least expensive compiled lists usually consist of a breakdown of people in a specific geographic location. Mailing lists can be sourced and bought from data providers. Before choosing a data provider, here are a few questions to ask:

  • Do they guarantee deliverability?
  • Do they update their lists monthly?
  • Can you use the list more than once?

Hopefully this has cleared the air regarding mailing lists, their types, steps to take in getting the right mailing lists, and also what to look out for when choosing a data provider. Contact us with any questions or with a quote.

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