Should you purchase email lists?

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Should you purchase email lists?

An often asked question we hear is “should you purchase email lists?” And you will hear different answers depending on who you ask regarding this question. One camp will tell you absolutely not, while the other, usually marketers, data providers, and email service providers will tell you it is OK. As long as you follow some basic rules and the legal guidelines in your location it is generally not an issue. 

When you purchase an opt-in email list you immediately are able to market to the list. This saves time by and additional the effort of not building your own list . You do open up the possibilities of potential abuse or angry prospects if not handled correctly though. Many suggest an initial email to be sent out informing them of who you are and asking subscribers to opt-in to your list. They are given the opportunity to unsubscribe at that point and those that do not opt-in can be purged from any future mass mailings. If not sending a mass mailing, more individually tailored emails to the businesses or prospects this is less of a concern.

During that initial mailing you can purge hard bounces from your lists and set them aside. Do not mail them again. It is considered abuse to do so and can hinder your efforts and delivery. Network administrators also frown upon it and it can cause blacklistings for the sending mailservers. Your ESP will not look kindly on that and may remove you from the network if your bounce rate is too high.

Here at Leadsource all our lists are op-in and CAN-SPAM compliant. No laws are broken as long as you follow the CAN-SAM regulations. If sending to certain locations (Canada is an example) be sure to look into and follow local laws.

Follow the rules for sending mass mailings and you should not have any worries about purchasing email lists.

To purchase email lists select from our inventory. You can also contact us so we can help you select the best option.



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