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Lookalike Linkedin Audience- Best Practices for Marketing Strategies

The core idea of Lookalike Linkedin Audience presented in this article is to connect the data and contact list from this platform to the targeted users in Facebook. This technique helps you overcome the limitations imposed by Facebook on the personal contacts. The first step is to export the Linkedin connection to an Outlook (.CSV) file. Then you can import this file into Facebook through the option for uploading the external contact file. Then you need to select the contacts you need and add them as friends. The key benefit of Data for Facebook Lookalike Audiences is that it automatically connects the existing Linkedin and Facebook profiles and targets them for your campaigns.


Lookalike Linkedin Audience – Ask the Experts

This is the basic procedure for creating an audience base in Facebook. However, this procedure may have its limitations. One of them could be the absence of connectivity between the Facebook accounts and the email ID or phone numbers. In such cases you need to filter out such contacts and search for the other relevant data which could create the connecting link. This may become a complex process if the exported CSV is too long and it contains large volume of data. Then it is time for you to opt for professional help. The experts not only solve the connectivity problem, they also create a unique advertisement platform for the Lookalike Linkedin Audience in Facebook.

Definition of the Lookalike Linkedin Audience

The new target audiences with similar characteristics of your existing customers form the basic definition of the Lookalike Linkedin Audience. Similarities could be in the geographical location, product preferences, lifestyles, jobs, education, hobbies, social and community affiliations and other typical characteristics related to demographic data.

Categorizing them on so many parameters takes experience, patience and persistence in the social media research and marketing fields. The expert consultants and programmers can help you create custom categories within Linkedin which simplifies your task to a great extent.


Lookalike Linkedin Audience – Categorization

Categorization is the key to simplifying your task of matching the existing customer profiles with those of the new ones. The Facebook offers many options for doing it based on multiple parameters.

Here at Leadsource Data we have the following audiences ready for purchase to jumpstart your Facebook LLA advertising. No need to use a potentially illegal software under CAN-SPAM like a linkedin email scraper.

  • Financial email lists
  • Stocks or investor email data
  • CEO, Presidents, Vice presidents, and CTO email lists
  • Realtor email lists
  • Teachers list
  • Account Executive email list
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Architects list
  • Engineer email lists
  • Developers
  • Human Resources data
  • Insurance Agents
  • Email marketing lists
  • Doctors emails
  • Marketing data
  • Business opportunities (Bizop data) email lists
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Sales Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Neurologist email data
  • Car Sales Managers
  • Business owners and partners
  • Tradesmen contact data
  • Nurses contact information
  • Office managers
  • Operations Managers and Directors email lists
  • Orthopedic Surgeon contact info
  • Parts Manager data
  • Pathologist email list
  • Pastor contact information
  • Payroll contact information
  • Pediatrician data
  • Pharmacists email list
  • Physical therapists
  • Physicians email list
  • Plant Manager contact information
  • Police departments, officers, chiefs,
  • Psychologists
  • Webmasters
  • And much more….



The demographic factors are age, gender, marital status, ethnic group, education, profession, and annual income. You may start with consideration for age and gender. You can also choose all the options specified in the Facebook Create Audience window according to your convenience.

The first step is to create the custom audience. For this you need to choose the option called ‘similarity’ in the Facebook page for creating lookalike audience. Select the country and optimize for similarity. Once you click on the Create button, the system will take minimum of 24 hours for accomplishing the task. Most commonly used parameter here is the email.

  • Step 1: Creating the custom audience from the imported list is the first step. Here, you can find 15 options from email, phone, and name to the gender, age, and Facebook page User ID. Select the .CSV file from the hard drive and click on import. You can click on the Next to move to eh next step
  • Step 2: Select the option to create lookalike audience.
  • Step 3: Select the Source file. This is the custom audience or a page. If you don’t have an existing page, you could create a new one. The options are custom audience and custom audience with LTV (lifetime value).
  • Step 4: Choose the method of creating the audience. The available options are customer file, website traffic, app activity, offline activity, and engagement. After making the choice you are brought back to create custom audience window. Enter an audience name and click on Next.
  • Step 5: Choose the value column for your customers. For example, you can select location. Click on Next.
  • Step 6: The window shows all the options for creating the Lookalike Linkedin Audience from the location to the occupation, hobbies, sensitivity, hobbies, email, and website. Click on Upload and Create Button.
  • Step 7: Click on Create Lookalike. Now you are taken to the source page in step 3. Select a location by clicking on the browse button. Choose between countries and regions. You can get to see multiple sub options within each option. Select the right choice and Click on the Create Audience button.

Once you are through with the steps, you have created the target audience file for your advertisement campaigns. This data can also be used as email marketing lists.


Lookalike Linkedin Audience – Creating the Advertisement

Now you can click on the Create Ad button to take you into the Ads manager Window. On the left pane of the window you can see options for campaign objective, ad account, ad set, and the ad itself.

  • Campaign Objective: The two key objectives are brand awareness and reach.
  • Brand Awareness: In the consideration tab you can click on the traffic option. In the conversions tab you need to enter the campaign name and the key result. This is the expected action from the audience. You can choose from purchases, leads, registrations, and custom conversions. Now click the button for setting up an account. Choose the country, currency, and the time zone. Click on Continue. The next step gives you an option for creating pixel for tracking the existing customers. This option is also useful for optimizing the ads for the conversions. Click on Create. Then you can verify the created pixel using the integration or tag manager, manual installation, and email instructions to a developer. The tag manager gives you an option to choose a partner like Word press, Woo commerce, and others. If you choose the Word press you need to install the Facebook pixel plug-in and pass on the instruction and code to the developer. The program generates a Pixel ID (Example: – Pixel ID: 377248736070547). Add a recipient to the email list and send the file.
  • Reach: The reach objective gives you an option for creating campaigns related to Engagement, App installs, video vies, lead generation, and messaging. You need to set up an account for each option.
  • Audience Creation: Here you can create the custom audiences based on location, age, gender, languages, demographics (education, financial status, home type, behavior, etc.) Within every category you can find numerous sub categories. Choose all the preferences and click on Save the Audience. Then you can click on the Continue button.
  • Facebook Page: In the next step you can create the Facebook page. It gives you options for local business, company, brand, artist, entertainment, and community. Choose an option and enter the page details. Then you can select format for the page to enhance the appearance. At this stage you can also link the page to an Instagram account.
  • Ad Setup: Here you can create an ad for engaging your target audience in a meaningful conversation with your campaign. Enter the headline and the advertisement text. In the call to action you can choose shop now, apply now, book now, get show time etc. You can also add a URL for connecting to your existing website.
  • Conversion tracking: This is the option where you can start tracking the results of your advertisement. There are options for the App events and offline events. By clicking the setup button, you can customize them according to your specific needs. For setting up your own app, you need to register in Facebook as a developer. If you can’t make use of this option, it is better to take the help of a developer as your service provider. He can help you create a custom app store, create a Facebook SDK, add the app events, verify you app setup, and create a completely customized ad campaign directed to the mobile users. This is a great option for you to reach the most number of potential audiences. The other option for Offline events lets you create an online business manager for accessing the ad accounts. You can also use it for generating periodical reports related to the conversions from the ad campaigns. These are some of the tasks for which you will need the help of a professional expert. Once your campaign is ready you are ready to launch it now.
  • Personalization: The personalization option allows you to add welcome message, insert images, and call for actions from the potential audiences.

Once you have completed all the steps, you can click the confirm button for creating the advertisement campaign and launching it.

Data for Facebook Lookalike Audiences – Benefits

The entire process of creating the Lookalike Linkedin Audience and an advertisement for them in Facebook may look tedious and time consuming at times. But there are many benefits of doing it for your business in the long run. You can also set up short term goals while choosing the Lookalike Linkedin Audience.

  • Highest probability of ROI
  • Consistent visibility
  • Scalability
  • Adaptability
  • Customization
  • Trusted tracking of conversions
  • Real time reporting
  • Options for upgrading, etc.

Data for Facebook Lookalike Audiences and ad management needs to be updated in frequent intervals in order to keep the campaigns live.