Ecommerce Email Lists for Advertising

Ecommerce Email Lists – The Benefits

Building an ecommerce email list gives you plenty of opportunities to follow up your leads consistently over a time span. The list contains more than just the email addresses of your potential audiences, leads and customers. You can customize it to include responses from them, their action on your email marketing campaigns, product preferences, buying trends, interaction with your business, and the probability of conversion. You can also attract more number of audiences through your Facebook advertisement campaigns. The Lookalike audiences list increases considerably when the number of email listing is in thousands. It will give you extended opportunities for reaching out to the global and the local markets. You can customize the listing based on your immediate, near future and long term marketing targets. Demographic data and information management becomes a simplified task.


Ecommerce email Lists – From Survival to Success Stories

Startup companies and SMEs find it highly difficult to push their products and services in the highly competitive niche markets. There are many reasons for it apart from the competitors who tend to take away the share of the customers. It is primarily the conditioned mindset of the audiences that makes or breaks the success of an advertisement campaign. To understand this phenomenon, you need to go a step further into the finer aspects of SEO sensitive web design and development.

  • Better Links: After creating your website pages (especially the landing page), you may take the help of SEO experts to optimize them for the search engines. You will obviously take the necessary steps to enhance the aesthetic and professional appearances of your products listing and services in the pages. You may also add the best of content with useful keywords to attract more number of visitors to your website. These steps are however the passive methods of marketing. Only when the users click on your link, they will be able to enter your website and experience the effects created and presented there. There is a typical situation wherein your website listing could be in the 4th or 5th page of the search engine results. Here, the number of users who navigate to this page and click on your website link could be very low. The other option is to choose the Adwords and PPC. They could be more expensive, if your company is startup. The best option for you could be the ecommerce email list that gives you the proactive methods for marketing and advertising on the social media, especially Facebook and Linkedin apart from Twitter, and others. The effectiveness of the SEO can be further enhanced, when you opt for the email listing creation from your landing page. By dropping in a popup menu to enter the email address, you can encourage the visitors to engage actively with your marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Enhanced ROI: According to many research works conducted by Forbes, Google, and the American marketing Association (AMA), the number of people who prefer to have email campaigns is significantly more compared to the other media. Most of the people who visit the social media tend to engage in socializing activities rather than engaging in campaign searches. People who receive email campaigns can be directed to specific promotional pages within the social media like the Facebook, Linkedin and others. This method of channelizing helps in enhancing the conversion rate to a greater extent. You can roll out special offers, discounts, and other benefits for the end users in a better way through the ecommerce email list. Hence, the probability of increasing the ROI is also higher compared to the other channels.
  • Trusted Connection: personal and professional emails can be imported from many sources, including the mail service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) and the social media like Linkedin and twitter. They provide additional information related to the users like the phone, contact address, and personal profile details. Since they are the trusted sources, the ecommerce email list becomes a reliable database for creating and launching your Facebook ad campaigns for the lookalike audiences. The ratio of such users across a specific social media platform can be from 1:10 (within a local market in your city/town) to a whopping figure of 1:300 at the state and national level users. At the global level it can increase phenomenally. Having so many trusted connections, you can find a larger audience base for your advertisement campaigns. Moreover, the number of such connections can only grow in the future. You can effectively reach out to increasing number of audiences with multiple demographic characteristics with a single campaign.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Ecommerce email lists and the Facebook lookalike audiences are intricately connected with each other. You can create a Facebook supported app for automating the process of connecting the two entities, as the email listing grows. The connectivity with multiple platforms ensures consistent expansion of your audience base, which can join your advertising campaigns. Since the volume of investments you need to make is relatively lower, it is considered to the top cost effective methods for creating and sustaining your campaigns.
  • Flexible Customization: With ecommerce email lists you can create customized target audiences based on plenty of demographic parameters. The other benefit is the combination of several parameters to create the lookalike customer base for your campaigns. The audiences who subscribe to one mode of advertising can also get connected to the other modes easily. For example, you may launch a campaign for your online T-shirts business by targeting age group between 14 and 18 initially. When your product range expands to include the adults between 18 and 40, you don’t need to launch one more advertising campaign for that group. You can edit the existing campaign and expand the audience base. This method works economically and efficiently to include the growing numbers of audiences.
  • Customer Mapping: Using the ecommerce email list, you can also explore the existing customer database. Pixel plug-ins from the Facebook apps can help you filter out multiple audiences groups based on the changing behavior of the existing customers. The reports generated by the conversion tracking system will give you precise information regarding the trends in the customer behavior. You can see clearly if they are tilting towards competitor products and services. The connectivity between the ecommerce email list and the reviews they post on Facebook give you clear idea about the reasons for their behavioral changes. You can change your campaigning and advertising patterns within the Facebook pages based on this data. This procedure will allow you to map all your existing customers in a more predictable manner than ever before.
  • Customized Audience: By exploring the intricate details of the existing customer database and expanding the analytical information, you can project the results onto the lookalike audiences in a better way. The Facebook can be used to increase the productive outcome of the results by drilling down the parameters like the campaign objectives, brand awareness, customized pages, and the setting up of advertisements. You can ensure every campaign reaches the targeted audiences within the shortest span of time.
  • Audience Engagement:  Location mapping is one of the trickiest procedures in Facebook lookalike campaigns. A specific user or group might have migrated from their original location to another region within a span of time. Then you need to change the advertisement campaigns accordingly. Many of the Facebook users may not update their changed location specifically in the contact information. However, you can use the ecommerce email list to dynamically track their current location. By customizing the Facebook apps and features it is possible to change the campaigns according their present location settings. If these changes were to occur on large scale with no specific time limitations, it can be automated through the apps. These apps can capture the detailed information about the people resident in a location, who moved away recently, and those who visited the location for a short time span.
  • Customized Exclusions: The ecommerce email list within the Facebook lookalike audience campaigns can be used to exclude the groups who may not be within the campaign zone. This method helps you in focusing on your core audience groups for specific products and services.
  • Engagement Cost: The estimate everyday results from the audience section can vary, depending on the post engagement activities. You can use the previous campaign data, predicted market data, your estimated budget for the campaign, and the planned potential reach within a specific time span. These factors contribute to the making of engagement cost per campaign, audience group, and for a specific time.
  • Ad Scheduling: Once you link the ecommerce email list with the Facebook ad set creation steps, it is easier for you to schedule your ads according to the changing Facebook trends. You have the option for running the ad consistently without break, or choose a specific time limit.
  • Ad Videos: Ecommerce email lists will give you the complete data about the most preferred videos watched in Facebook, YouTube, and other channels. You can place your ad campaign videos in the interval period of the video session, based on the demographic data.