Where can I find a CEO email list?

CEO email list

Where can I find a CEO email list?

Clients are always asking where they can find a good CEO email list. Executives and decision makers are much sought after when prospecting. Without the contact info for these C-level execs you end up trying to get past the gatekeeper or someone lower on the totem pole who, unless you are very adept at social engineering, ends up blocking access to these individuals. Your message never gets delivered. Sales stagnate and you know how the rest goes.

By purchasing a CEO email list you have immediately direct access to these decision makers. Craft a well put together letter and if your service or product is good, you have a chance on closing a deal. Some may even hire a copywriter to help craft a punchy email. A little extra money invested into this initial ice breaker may help pique interest. Once your foot is in the door, put your gloves on and close that deal.

Our email lists have full info and eliminate much wasted time spent on trying to get past the gatekeepers. Time much better spent on speaking to those make decisions in the company. Many of the lists may include phone numbers and physical address as well. You could deliver 1-2-3 punch campaign by sending a bulky envelop to cacth their attention. Follow up with an email, and then call them and attempt to close the deal.

You know what they say. Always be closing. And with the right tools in your arsenal the process is made much easier.

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