Why Use Business Leads List

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Why Use Business Leads List

Every marketing project needs the right resources. Among the assets a skilled marketer is at the top of the pyramid. Financing comes in second place. No project can be taken forward without sufficient pool of finance available. Technology then follows. These days, almost every marketing technique is made successful with the use of technology. Internet and telephone are two of the major applications of technology which are making marketing projects more successful. When all that is in place you can begin your marketing efforts. This is where a business leads list comes into play.

Apart from the above-mentioned items, business leads list is another element that plays a vital role in the success of any marketing campaign. Be it B2C or B2B businesses, the significance of business leads list cannot be denied. It is a need of all companies to continue a strong relation with the existing customers besides making new customers. The business leads list contains all the contact information, names, positions, companies, mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers etc. The database may also contain other essential elements like website or zip codes. The items in the business leads list to act like the connecting lines between the sellers and the targeted buyers.

Benefits of Using Business Leads List

Following are some of the best benefits of using a business leads list or free email address list.

Generating Fresh Leads

For any company looking to get new clients, getting the contact information is of high importance. It will enable you to connect with them through various channels like telephone, email, or direct mail etc. A business leads list provides you all the information you need for correspondence with the target customer. You don’t have to waste time looking for people whom you can contact when you have a tailored list of potential new customers.

Saves Time and Money

There are many other costs being incurred by any company so if you have to incur additional costs just to communicate with new clients, it would feel a huge burden on the accounts. Besides just money, your precious time would also go in vain. If you get an email list from list brokers, you can save your time and money to invest in other more productive options.

These are some of the best benefits of using business leads list. There are different email list brokers that you can easily find. However, you should find the one that meets your requirements and provide you with a list that matches your target audience. The list brokers should also respond to all your queries timely and in an easy way so you can act upon the recommendations without wasting further time. Any company needs new customers to keep the growth process alive and reach new heights in the business world.

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Should you purchase email lists?

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Should you purchase email lists?

An often asked question we hear is “should you purchase email lists?” And you will hear different answers depending on who you ask regarding this question. One camp will tell you absolutely not, while the other, usually marketers, data providers, and email service providers will tell you it is OK. As long as you follow some basic rules and the legal guidelines in your location it is generally not an issue.  Continue reading “Should you purchase email lists?”

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Choose the Best Email Business Database

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Choose the Best Email Business Database

If you are looking to do a mail out, a telemarketing campaign or trying to reach prospects by email, direct marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach out to potential customers. The first step to do is establishing your criteria to get the ideal results. The lists you will use will define the success of your marketing campaign. However, determining the target list is a crucial process and it requires serious attention.

Continue reading “Choose the Best Email Business Database”

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Email Marketing 101

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Email Marketing 101: Metrics That Matter

The metrics to pay attention to when measuring email marketing success.

So much work goes into developing a successful email campaign. From creating the perfect design and a catchy subject line to making sure that your images stand out as soon as your email is opened, every single element plays a role in the success of your campaigns. The results you see after you send your campaign out however is what really matters.


Tracking email stats

Keeping track of your email campaign results is a crucial step in the email marketing process. Your email stats will help you determine what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

Investing in an email marketing service that can provide you with detailed reports is one of the best decisions you can make for your business. In the long run, these reports are going to help you increase your turnover and grow your business.


Email metrics that matter

Once you have a detailed report in front of you, what metrics should you be paying attention to in order to adjust and improve your campaigns?


Open Rate

Your open rate is based on the number of people who opened your email versus how many emails you sent out in total. A low open rate could be an indication of two things. Firstly, your subject line could be the reason why recipients aren’t opening your emails. A/B testing your subject lines is the best way to find out what’s working. Your sender address could be another reason why your open rate is low. Recipients usually respond better to addresses that come from a person or a company, no-reply or sales related emails addresses tend have lower open rates.


Click-Through Rate

Your click-through rate tells you how many email recipients clicked through to a landing page on your website. The average click-through rate is generally between 2%-3% but this will also depend on the industry you’re in. A strong click-through rate shows that recipients are interested in what you have to offer and would like to find out more. If you’re seeing a low click-through rate you might want to decide whether your call-to-action is strong and clear enough, and if you are offering the recipients enough value.

In order to improve your click-through rate, set a clear goal before you start developing your next campaign so that your subject line, design, copy, call-to-action and images are all geared towards that particular goal.


Conversion Rate

A conversion rate shows how many email recipients took a specific action on your landing page versus the total number of emails you sent out. Examples of a conversion could be anything from downloading an eBook to buying something from your online store. In order to increase your conversion rates, ensure that the information you have supplied in your email is carried through to your landing page. The user should be very clear on the next step they’re about to take, and should feel comfortable doing so.


Bounce Rate

Your email campaigns should never have a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate is a clear sign that you need to scrub your email list in order to get rid of any invalid or non-existent email address. By not practising email hygiene you’re increasing your chances of being blacklisted and marked as spam. This is one metric that you should always be keeping an eye on.  Implementing a double opt-in process will also help reduce your bounce rate.


Unsubscribe Rate

While it’s quite normal to have some recipients unsubscribe from your email list, if your unsubscribe rate is growing at a rapid pace or it’s increasing monthly, it might be time to change things up. A high unsubscribe rate could be the result of a high email frequency, irrelevant content or the recipient simply not receiving enough value from your mailers. To counteract a high unsubscribe rate try segmenting your email list using subscriber reports so that you can better cater to their individual needs.


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Why You Need an Email List

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Why Your Business Absolutely Needs an Email List

The packed sphere of online business is a fiercely competitive one; fledgling start-ups and mammoth franchises alike jostle to gain a sure footing within the realm of e-Commerce. With more than 3.2 billion individuals currently inhabiting the digital space, online businesses aim to market their products and services towards an ever-expanding population of potential consumers.

As a result, online marketing companies have firmly established themselves, catering towards a very specific clientele: businesses with clear-cut marketing objectives, and sales plans which leave ample room for advertising campaigns. Whether to design and release personal branding, or otherwise develop a distinctive layout for a main website – there are entire companies devoted towards the task of effectively handling marketing campaigns.

Although social-media marketing might exist as the most pervasive form of advertising as of late, there can still be no denying the appeal and advantages of email-marketing. Indeed, according to a Radicati Group study from February of 2016, there are approximately 2.6 billion email users globally.

This allows for the scope and reach of email-list brokerage to peak newfound heights. Permission-based email marketing covers exclusive promotions, daily deals announcements, limited-edition discounts, and loyalty services. Moreover, such marketing equips in returning customers towards an abandoned shopping cart, or encouraging them to purchase products once again.

Without further ado, here is a list of the top reasons why your business might absolutely require an email-list broker to take care of the advertising facet of the company’s sales plan.


  1. Email-list marketing exists as a relatively cheaper option for most businesses; where generating daily content might set you back a few hundred dollars on a weekly basis, and reserving spaces in catalogs or on billboards might exceed quite above the limit of an average company’s budget, email-list marketing stays well within the bounds of smart and practical marketing. This method of online marketing is inexpensive, allows for a greater margin of profits, and is quick to execute.


  1. Email-list marketing proffers entirely new avenues of interaction between the consumer and the company. In an age where close-knit communities and online reviews dictate a significant number of online sales, prompt and efficient communication between a brand and its target audience can provide near-limitless benefits when securing customer loyalty.


  1. Allocating precious time towards both generating and maintaining content on a website can often go amiss if sufficient traffic is not directed towards the main hub of operations. An email-list can serve as a newsletter of sorts, attracting customers towards a website where content is regularly updated. If potential consumers enjoy the quality and frequency of such content, they begin to positively associate a company’s branding with such.


  1. Email-list marketing allows companies to expand, connect, and develop with varying business-related networks on a massive scale. Since email-list brokerage bridges interaction between several businesses as well, this niche of advertising introduces entirely new prospects of business, partnership, and expansion. Additionally, companies can hope to generate a passive source of income via referrals and endorsements for other brands through their email-list marketing efforts.


  1. Email-list advertising campaigns offer unprecedented reach and access towards target audiences; emails tend to sit within an inbox until purposefully deleted, unlike the innumerable advertisements users scroll past while browsing through social media. Around 78% of emails are delivered to a client, which means that 78 in every 100 potential consumers might come into crucial contact with a company’s branding.

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