Why Buy a Mailing List?

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What Provider to Buy a Mailing List From

Having trouble marketing your promotions? Looking to buy mailing list that helps you find customers? Don’t worry, we are her to help you buy mailing list that is accurate. We can help you find new customers within few seconds. Identify your target audience that is all we need to design, print and deliver your mailing list.

Email marketing is the process of using email to get your message in front of your target audience. It is one of the most powerful tools that helps in growing your business. It provides an open, interactive and conversational communications.

Do you know why you need the services of a good mailing list provider? Here is the reason for choosing the best mailing list service.


Our team assures you that you won’t be provided outdated or wrong data. We hugely invest in the verifying and updating our records every year. So when you buy mailing list you are provided the best and high-quality data. We offer you a complete range of affordable sales and marketing solutions to help your business. With the help of our services, you can manage, acquire and retain consumers.


Right Prospects

We offer more than 25 million business records and 245 million consumer records. You can buy mailing list that is in accordance with your needs. You can choose from plenty of criteria options. It includes:

  • Incomes
  • Geography
  • Credit rating
  • Sales volume.

Buy Mailing List for Direct Mail Campaigns

Having trouble reaching new customers? We know finding new prospects is a challenging task. With the help of direct mailing campaign, you can easily find new prospects. We help you by creating or sending a postcard, brochure or letter to your customers on your behalf.

Advantages of Using Email List

Here are some advantages for you to use email list.

Save Money

When you decide to go digital, you are saving money and trees. As you will avoid printing paper, in the same way, you will be reducing the postage cost. In an email newsletter, you can use the design template again and again. Having email list is the fastest method of sending out your mail to your customers.

Connect With Your Target Market

With the help of email list, you can stay in touch with your audience. In this way, you can stay on the top of their mind. As a result of this, when they need your services they will buy from you or refer to a friend.

Increase Brand Recognition

You can get your brand image and name in front of your customers often by including your logo, tagline and brand graphics. When consumers will see your brand components in every issue. It will create brand awareness and recognition.

Therefore, if you have a website you must be willing to turn your customers into returning customers. When you buy mailing list, you ensure to get the best and accurate email list. Our special databases let you quickly and easily buy mailing list for your business needs.

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How to Choose an Email List Broker

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What to Look For in Email List Brokers

If you are about to begin a direct mail marketing program, there are different tools you will require to increase the potential responses. Where getting the right email list is important, sending the right material is also something on which the results matter a lot. The effectiveness of a direct mailer relies mostly on the content sent or shared to the potential customers. Direct marketing is growing as one of the most popular types of marketing because of the number of people it engages.

There are thousands of different lists in the market these days. Besides consumer lists, there are business lists also which a new business can target. Choosing the right email list brokers is important for the successful completion of the direct marketing campaign. There are tons of list brokers currently operating in the market today so you need to make sure that the one you are choosing has the correct information which is updated and accurate. Here we will discuss three qualities of them that you should seek before choosing one for your marketing campaign.


There is no shortcut to experience. There are millions of mailing lists available and most of them are not useful because of the outdated information. Experienced mailing list brokers know which lists are tested for successful results. They also know which mailing lists are new in the market which can be targeted for the favorable outcomes.


Email list brokers providing different lists like business leads list or free email address lists should have a good repute in the market. Reputation means more than what you expect. IF the broker has a good reputation, it is obvious that he would have the lists having correct and up to date information. Find out about a company’s reputation by asking about their industry memberships and contact those organizations. A brokerage without any industry affiliations is not a good sign. You should save your time and money and find out a list broker that has a nice goodwill in the market so you can get your desired outcomes.


What is the point of getting in touch with email list brokers if the services offered by them are not tailored to your requirements? The best list brokers will offer you services which are personalized for your requirements and give you the list of your potential target customers. They also offer some extra services like little research and creative designs for your content. You should get in touch with one which you think gives value to your campaign and offer services that are suitable for your marketing campaign.

The above are the three traits you should look for in an email list broker. You should remember that you are not doing this for fun but to increase your customer base so get the one with the best email business database.

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Why Use Business Leads List

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Why Use Business Leads List

Every marketing project needs the right resources. Among the assets a skilled marketer is at the top of the pyramid. Financing comes in second place. No project can be taken forward without sufficient pool of finance available. Technology then follows. These days, almost every marketing technique is made successful with the use of technology. Internet and telephone are two of the major applications of technology which are making marketing projects more successful. When all that is in place you can begin your marketing efforts. This is where a business leads list comes into play.

Apart from the above-mentioned items, business leads list is another element that plays a vital role in the success of any marketing campaign. Be it B2C or B2B businesses, the significance of business leads list cannot be denied. It is a need of all companies to continue a strong relation with the existing customers besides making new customers. The business leads list contains all the contact information, names, positions, companies, mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers etc. The database may also contain other essential elements like website or zip codes. The items in the business leads list to act like the connecting lines between the sellers and the targeted buyers.

Benefits of Using Business Leads List

Following are some of the best benefits of using a business leads list or free email address list.

Generating Fresh Leads

For any company looking to get new clients, getting the contact information is of high importance. It will enable you to connect with them through various channels like telephone, email, or direct mail etc. A business leads list provides you all the information you need for correspondence with the target customer. You don’t have to waste time looking for people whom you can contact when you have a tailored list of potential new customers.

Saves Time and Money

There are many other costs being incurred by any company so if you have to incur additional costs just to communicate with new clients, it would feel a huge burden on the accounts. Besides just money, your precious time would also go in vain. If you get an email list from list brokers, you can save your time and money to invest in other more productive options.

These are some of the best benefits of using business leads list. There are different email list brokers that you can easily find. However, you should find the one that meets your requirements and provide you with a list that matches your target audience. The list brokers should also respond to all your queries timely and in an easy way so you can act upon the recommendations without wasting further time. Any company needs new customers to keep the growth process alive and reach new heights in the business world.

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The Basics of the CAN-SPAM Act for Email Marketers

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The Basics of the CAN-SPAM Act for Email Marketers

What you need to know about complying with the CAN-SPAM Act as an email marketer.

In 2003, the CAN-SPAM Act was signed in by President George W. Bush. It set the standards for sending commercial emails in the United States.

The CAN-SPAM Act is still relevant today and the guidelines are something that all email marketers should get to know if they want to avoid facing a heavy fine or being blacklisted.

Brands that don’t comply could face a whopping $16,000 fine for every email that doesn’t meet the act’s requirements.

Who is the act relevant to?

While all email marketers should be following a number of best practices to avoid being marked as spammers, the CAN-SPAM Act is not relevant to everyone.

Email content generally falls under two main categories:

  1. Transactional: Transactional emails are usually the mailers that are sent to customers. The content is relationship based and the business isn’t directly trying to sell them something.
  2. Commercial: A commercial email is used to promote a brand, product or service to email recipients on a database.

Companies that are sending out commercial emails need to comply with all aspects of the CAN-SPAM Act. Transactional emails don’t need to meet all of the requirements of the act but the content shouldn’t be false or misleading.

If your emails contain both transactional and commercial content, look at the core message of the email to decide whether you need to take CAN-SPAM guidelines into consideration.

The dos and don’ts of the CAN-SPAM Act

Below are the basic guidelines to follow as an email marketer.


  • Do honor opt-out requests within 10 days or less.
  • Do make it known that your email is an advertisement. There are ways to do this without discouraging users from opening your emails.
  • Do make sure that your “Reply-To” and “From” addresses are accurate and that recipients can immediately identify who the message is from.
  • Do tell your recipients how they can unsubscribe from receiving any further emails from your business. Make the unsubscribe option clear to avoid being marked as spam.
  • Do monitor what other companies are sending out on your behalf. If you are using a marketing agency or company to handle your email marketing, it’s your responsibility to make sure that they are complying with the CAN-SPAM Act.



  • Don’t ask recipients to do anything more than reply to an email or visit a web page to unsubscribe from your emails.
  • Don’t sell or transfer a recipient’s email address once they have unsubscribed from your database.
  • Don’t forget to tell recipients where you are located. Your emails need to contain a valid physical or postal address.
  • Don’t use deceptive subject lines. Recipients should be able to gauge what your email is about based on your subject line and shouldn’t find something different once they open it.


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Choosing the Right Data Provider

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Choosing the Right Data Provider

A data provider can help you improve your marketing effort and your business. By using targeted data of the highest quality, you can connect more with the right people, achieving high lead numbers and cutting expenses in the process. On the other hand, using the wrong data can see your advertising and marketing strategies failing to gain grounds, with unpleasant consequences for your organization. Therefore, selecting a business-to-business data provider is a critical decision. You need to be certain that the organization you decide to work with has the skills and necessary requirements to deliver the results that you seek. Data providers offer different services. They sell mail listings, business lead lists, and also offer lead management services.


Lead Management

A set of programs, systems, and practices created in order to attract and generate new prospective customers, and are generally operated through a range of marketing campaigns or programs, is what is called Lead Management. It helps you narrow that gap between marketing and sales. It fosters a business’s attachment between its outgoing consumer advertising and the responses to that advertising. These methodologies are set for business-to-business and direct-to-consumer strategies. The direct link of lead management to sales management fosters business profitability through gaining new customers, selling to existing customers, and creating a niche within the market. This steps has accurately also been described as customer acquisition management.

The general ethics of lead management creates a well-defined framework for managing volumes of business inquiries, frequently known as leads. The process creates a framework for organization of data, shared across the various levels of a sales process, and across a shared sales force. With the invention of the internet and other information technology systems, this process has vastly become technology-centric, as businesses practicing lead management methodologies have shifted much of the manual workload to automated systems, though personal relations with lead inquiries is still vital to success.

The aim of an effective lead management initiative, just like other related business practices such as marketing, advertising etc. Is to generate new business revenue, increase awareness, and improve the attitudes of prospective customers and the public for future business development. Lead flow process while simple in view can become more difficult to comprehend as customers, potential customers and sales professionals relate. Lead management services are offered by data providers.


Lead Management Framework

Lead generation:

Lead generation can be done through the use of different marketing technologies and strategies. Lead generation looking at it from an architectural perspective is simply the ability to develop the interest of a consumer and develop enough data to validate and prioritize their interest

Lead acquisition and distribution:

Lead acquisition is the first and likely the most important prospective disconnect in the lead management process. This process is linked to a myriad of consumer response theories that show the relevance and replies of the customer experience as being important ingredients in turning potential customers into actual customers. Once gotten, the accuracy, relevance and quickness of response can ultimately influence a prospective consumer’s decision to buy, or not buy, a product or service.


Effective lead management methodologies, requires intensive and precise high level communication, both internally and within organizations, and externally to the lead inquiries. Communication roles should include careful sourcing of inquiry information and appropriate mechanisms to process such information. New technology has provided marketing systems with the infrastructure to do extensive lead nurturing activities through automation systems which often include mail listings and automated telephone dialing.


The analytics framework is the last, and once the other frameworks are in place, the most important piece of an effective lead management system. This portion of the framework allows for the review and breakdown of lead actions, sales performance and marketing channels

With the wide varieties of names in the data generation market, choosing the most suitable data provider can sometimes be a drag. You wouldn’t know if you have made the right choice or not until you are already two months into a 12 months long contract. It’s quite hard to identify the perfect data source before signing a contract. However, there are some important criteria to look out for when choosing a data provider. These include:


Verifiable data sources:

Can your data provider tell you precisely how they acquired the data they are selling to you? And can their sources be verified? If the answer to either question is no, then you should look elsewhere. It’s simply not worth the risk. Once you have evidence that the data is from a reliable source, it’s old to find out how regularly it is updated. Business-to-business DTA is a continuously evolving entity and it decays very quickly at 35% per year. Therefore data lists need to be constantly updated and refreshed.

The right accreditations:

Data providers should be registered with the Data Protection Act. Data providers should collect DTA fairly and lawfully. It is also good to review the data provider’s website and check for valid contact information such as phone number and email address.

Targeted records and deliverability guarantees:

The best data providers will work with you to acquire data that best fits with your marketing and wider business goals. They will analyze your current customers to discover what motivates them and what similarities they share. It is important that your business-to-business data provider can verify that your marketing and advertising messages will get to the target people majority of the time.


When selecting a data provider, you must make sure their lists contains companies or individuals that fall under the target geography.

Some other questions to ask before choosing a data provider include:

  • Is their policy uptight
  • Do they provide insightful news?
  • What is the quality of their contacts?

A data provider can help your business to reach new heights, scaling previously unreachable potentials and growing your brand. The best data providers will acquire their data from sources that are verifiable and will be able to prove their credentials. For this reason, digging into various data sources before selecting the most suitable one, is always the best option.

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