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Find out how our tower data service can skyrocket your sales leads


Here at Lead Source we have what we refer to as the tower data service, so called because of the tiered approach to driving traffic and sales leads. With this service we setup a multiple tiered service for clients and help grow their business to the next level.

The base of the service consists of a massive SEO campaign. Since we are a data and lead company we have teamed up with one of the hottest SEO firms. They undertake this task for us and are experts in their field.  The firm performs a full site audit, implement tools and begin identifying keywords which will bring organic traffic and leads to your business. A serious link building campaign is executed and social media is harnessed for social signals further boosting the effectiveness.

The second tier of our tower data service is helping the client identify their target audience. We then either select one of our existing lists or generate a new one via social media. Once the list is ready, we send out a responsible email campaign to drive traffic and sales to the website.

The top tier of our tower data service is traffic. We use domain redirects and direct traffic from known sources to push visitors to your website. Traffic helps with the SEO campaign and ranking of keywords. Google wants to see a website with traffic in order to give it the green light in regards to SEO.

When you are ready to take your marketing to the next level and close more leads than you ever have reach out and contact us. We can help you achieve your goals and reach the next level in your business.


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You Want a FREE Email Address List?

FREE Email Address List

You Want a FREE Email Address List?

If you are about to begin a direct mail marketing program, there are different tools you will require to increase the potential responses. Many people wonder where they can secure a FREE email address list. Unfortunately this is not always the best option. Where getting the right email list is important, sending the right material is also something on which the results matter a lot. The effectiveness of a direct mailer relies mostly on the content sent or shared to the potential customers. Direct marketing is growing as one of the most popular types of marketing because of the number of people it engages.

There are thousands of different lists in the market these days. Besides consumer lists, there are business lists also which a new business can target. Choosing the right email list brokers is important for the successful completion of the direct marketing campaign. There are tons of list brokers currently operating in the market today so you need to make sure that the one you are choosing has the correct information which is updated and accurate. Here we will discuss three qualities of them that you should seek before choosing one for your marketing campaign.


There is no shortcut to experience. There are millions of free email address lists available and most of them are not useful because of the outdated information. Experienced mailing list brokers know which lists are tested for successful results. They also know which mailing lists are new in the market which can be targeted for the favorable outcomes.


Email list brokers providing different lists like business leads list or free email address lists should have a good repute in the market. Reputation means more than what you expect. IF the broker has a good reputation, it is obvious that he would have the lists having correct and up to date information. Find out about a company’s reputation by asking about their industry memberships and contact those organizations. A brokerage without any industry affiliations is not a good sign. You should save your time and money and find out a list broker that has a nice goodwill in the market so you can get your desired outcomes.


What is the point of getting in touch with email list brokers if the services offered by them are not tailored to your requirements? The best list brokers will offer you services which are personalized for your requirements and give you the list of your potential target customers. They also offer some extra services like little research and creative designs for your content. You should get in touch with one which you think gives value to your campaign and offer services that are suitable for your marketing campaign.

The above are the three traits you should look for in an email list broker. You should remember that you are not doing this for fun but to increase your customer base so get the one with the best email business database.

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Purchasing the Right Mailing List

list brokers

Steps to Purchase the Right Mailing Lists

Are you a small business owner or you have a start-up, and you are wondering how you can get your business to a wider audience? Mailing lists are one of many ways to do that. But first, what is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a unique way of using an email which allows for widespread dissemination of information to several internet users. They are a very effective way to communicate with existing customers and also potential ones.

Mailing lists are one of the easiest, fastest and least expensive ways to grow your business. Strengthening, building and maintaining a subscriber list for your business is a wonderful way to build excellent relationships with both customers and prospects, plus it helps maintain and build your company or professional image, all of which serves to make your business profitable over the long term.

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Should you purchase email lists?

purchase email

Should you purchase email lists?

An often asked question we hear is “should you purchase email lists?” And you will hear different answers depending on who you ask regarding this question. One camp will tell you absolutely not, while the other, usually marketers, data providers, and email service providers will tell you it is OK. As long as you follow some basic rules and the legal guidelines in your location it is generally not an issue.  Continue reading “Should you purchase email lists?”

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Generating Efficient Business Leads List

why is email marketing important

Generating Efficient Business Leads

A business lead list is generally the contact information and occasionally, demographic information of a customer who is interested in a specific product or service. Leads can be derived from various sources or events, for instance, electronically via the web, through telephone calls either by the company or telemarketers, through advertisements, marketing and events. There are different kind of leads. They are:


Sales Leads

They are manufactured on the availability of demographic data such as age, household income, FICO score etc. These leads are used multiple times by advertisers. Sales leads are usually followed up by telephone calls by the sales team. An example of sales lead is an investor lead. Investor leads are identities of potential investors which might be people or businesses. This represents the initial process of an investment sale stage.

Investor lead lists are usually generated through newsletters, through surveys or through businesses raising capital and selling the database of people who showed an interest in their ideas. Investor lead lists are usually used by small businesses such as startups looking to fund their businesses or simply needing capital for expansion that cannot be readily gotten from financial institutions.


Marketing Leads

They are business- specific leads also known as business leads generated for a great marketing offer. Unlike sales leads, marketing leads are sold only once and not resold. Transparency is a necessary requirement for getting business leads and they can be optimized by shaping leads to their success.


Lead Generation

In telemarketing, lead generation describes the process of capturing consumers’ interest or inquiry into products and services for the purpose of building sales pipeline. Leads are created for purposes such as list building, list acquisition or for sales leads. There are different methods of generating leads. A report from 2015 discovered that 89% of respondents named email as the most popular medium for generating leads, followed by content marketing, search engine, and lastly events.

Another report from 2014 discovered that search engines, web referrals, and web traffic were the three most used online mediums for lead generation, representing 93% of leads. Lead generation usually goes along with lead management to push leads through the sales funnel. This mixture of activities is known as pipeline marketing. Lead generation is very important nowadays because the process of buying is evolving. Prospective buyers are getting better at ignoring the messages that doesn’t resonate with them.


Online Lead Generation

The creation of leads based on potential consumers’ interest or inquiry about services or products through the internet, is what is referred to as online lead generation. It is a term used mostly in web marketing. Examples of online lead generation methods are:


Social Media

With the exponential growth of social networking websites, social media is used by businesses and individuals to generate leads or create business opportunities. Many businesses participate actively on social networks to find potential customers for their products and services. Through social media, prospective buyers have been able to research and know more about products and services through other social media users who have a large following known as influencers.


Email Marketing

Email is an important composition of every marketing and advertising campaign whether you are giving out information about an event, giving out coupons, promoting a new product or service, or staying relevant in the minds of customers, email should be one of your main forms of communication. By sending your content to your potential customers, you can find people who are looking for you.


Online Advertising

There are three main ways in the advertising market that businesses can use to buy advertising and generate leads.

Cost Per Thousand

It uses pricing methods that charge businesses for the number of times people see an advertisement. Display advertising uses a cost per thousand pricing model. The issue with cost per thousand model is that businesses are charged even if the targeted audience does not click on the advert.

Cost Per Click

This defeats the problem posed by cost per thousand by charging businesses only when the consumer clucks on the advert. Cost per click has become more expensive due to increased competition for keywords.

Cost Per Action

It addresses the problem posed cost per thousand and coat per click adverts by charging only the lead. Similarly to cost per click, the price per lead can be raised very high due to demand. Also like cost per click, there are methods which providers can use to commit fraud to increase their profits. For businesses looking to pay for specific actions only, there are mainly two options; CPA advertising and CPL advertising. In CPL advertising, businesses pay for the contact information of a person or entity that shows interest in the business products and services. CPL advertising is suitable for businesses looking to engage prospective customers at multiple touch points. In CPA advertising, the business typically pays for information involving a card transaction.

PPA advertising is playing a very important role in online lead generation.



This is where your prospective audience need to convert to customers. The key is to design your website in such a way that it converts browsers into actual leads. Pay particular close attention to the design, layout, content etc.



Your blog is a great place to create trust with your buyers. Readers can get into your blog, so you want to make sure it is search-search engine optimized. A well designed blog will keep your readers very interested, coming back for more, and also interested enough to start looking at the rest of your site. Try as much as possible to keep your readership up and make sure your blogs stands as a gateway to conversion.

With the increasing rate of cyber-crimes, caution should be taken when you are thinking of buying a business lead list from a provider. There are a number of data providers that participate in fraudulent activities when generating business lead lists. These lists can have phony names, fake addresses and outdated information.

To avoid fraudulent data providers like this it is always important to ask for references. A reputable data provider will have no issue with providing a list of past references. Frequent name change of a data providing Service Company may also be an indication of fraudulent activities. Lead generation services are provided by data providers and are important for any business that wants to excel and create a strong brand.

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