Choose the Best Email Business Database

why is email marketing important

Choose the Best Email Business Database

If you are looking to do a mail out, a telemarketing campaign or trying to reach prospects by email, direct marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach out to potential customers. The first step to do is establishing your criteria to get the ideal results. The lists you will use will define the success of your marketing campaign. However, determining the target list is a crucial process and it requires serious attention.

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email marketing laws


Email is considered as an important medium of marketing. It is the easiest way to reach a large number of customers in less time and cost. Dealing with email marketing is not very easy, you have to understand the email marketing laws before you start your campaign. Companies are constantly in competition, no one wants to be a spammer. It will damage your reputation and the customer’s perception of the company.



The laws appear to be complicated, but don’t let them change your decision or dissuade you from of using one of the most effective marketing strategies. So before you decide to use email marketing briefly read through the following pointers. In the US we have the CAN-SPAM legislation. Canada has CASL or the Canada Anti Spam Law. Make sure you are aware of the laws in your location and follow them. The last thing you want is a lawsuit or pissed off attorney on your tail.


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Where can I find a CEO email list?

CEO email list

Where can I find a CEO email list?

Clients are always asking where they can find a good CEO email list. Executives and decision makers are much sought after when prospecting. Without the contact info for these C-level execs you end up trying to get past the gatekeeper or someone lower on the totem pole who, unless you are very adept at social engineering, ends up blocking access to these individuals. Your message never gets delivered. Sales stagnate and you know how the rest goes. Continue reading “Where can I find a CEO email list?”

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Tower data service

tower data

Find out how our tower data service can skyrocket your sales leads


Here at Lead Source we have what we refer to as the tower data service, so called because of the tiered approach to driving traffic and sales leads. With this service we setup a multiple tiered service for clients and help grow their business to the next level.

The base of the service consists of a massive SEO campaign. Since we are a data and lead company we have teamed up with one of the hottest SEO firms. They undertake this task for us and are experts in their field.  The firm performs a full site audit, implement tools and begin identifying keywords which will bring organic traffic and leads to your business. A serious link building campaign is executed and social media is harnessed for social signals further boosting the effectiveness.

The second tier of our tower data service is helping the client identify their target audience. We then either select one of our existing lists or generate a new one via social media. Once the list is ready, we send out a responsible email campaign to drive traffic and sales to the website.

The top tier of our tower data service is traffic. We use domain redirects and direct traffic from known sources to push visitors to your website. Traffic helps with the SEO campaign and ranking of keywords. Google wants to see a website with traffic in order to give it the green light in regards to SEO.

When you are ready to take your marketing to the next level and close more leads than you ever have reach out and contact us. We can help you achieve your goals and reach the next level in your business.


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Simple Tips for Writing Better Email Copy

writing email copy

Simple Tips for Writing Better Email Copy

How to create impactful email copy that gets to the point and boosts conversions.

If you want your brand to stand out in an inbox that’s usually flooded with other emails, you’ll need to have some killer copy to help you out.

Your email copy plays a leading in role in convincing people to open your message and convert. Your recipients will see your subject line and preview text well before they get the chance to enjoy your images and email design so it pays to give your copy some extra attention.


Tips for writing email copy that converts

If you’ve started developing your email marketing strategy and would like to get going on your copy, below are a few tips that you can use to make your emails more impactful.


Make your email copy scannable

Today’s online user scans almost everything. With our lives being so busy and with so much content to get through, it’s best if your email copy is scannable. Bold key messages and make use of bullet points to draw attention to the most important information.


Use images to support your content

One good image can turn an email around completely. You shouldn’t rely on the image to get your message across though; it should simply make your message stand out even more. Make sure that the image has been optimized for the web for a better user experience.


Stick to one core message and action

An effective email is brief and gets to the point. Your email should only convey one idea at a time to avoid confusing your recipients and asking too much of them. Use one clear call-to-action so that recipients know exactly what step to take next.


Write with your segments in mind

Email list segmentation is an important part of creating more effective campaigns. Once you segment your email list you can create copy that’s much more relevant to each of these segments, copy they’ll be able to relate to.


Appeal to their emotions

Use words that appeal to the emotions of your readers to make a bigger impact. Look at the problem that you’re trying to help them solve and think about the emotions they would be feeling to make your copy more relatable.


Get personal

Your audience doesn’t want to feel like they are being addressed as a group of people but rather as individuals so make use of words such as ‘you’, ‘me’ and ‘us’ to make your copy sound more personal.


Pair your subject line with your preview text

Your subject line and your preview text are the first lines of copy that your recipients will see so make sure that your preview text supports your subject line if you want to encourage more people to open your emails.


Use facts and numbers

Don’t make claims in your email copy without backing them up. Make use of facts, numbers and sources to back your claims and make your brand sound more trustworthy.


Find your tone of voice

As a marketer, you should already know what your brand values are. Use these values to develop a unique tone of voice that you can use in your email copy. The right tone of voice will again help your recipients relate to your brand and make your copy seem more personal.


Don’t forget to test

There is no telling what your target audience will respond to so it’s important to test a few different copy variations to achieve the best possible results.

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